Protective aprons

We manufacture and sell protective aprons to housing and care centres, home care clients and bathers. The aprons are made of durable fabric and they feel nice.

Our clients appreciate the product:

"The aprons are really durable and cost-effective – even after eight years the apron is still usable. We  wash the aprons at 90C each time after use, usually several times a week. The products has withstood it all unchanged.”

”The material is nice for both the carer and the cared."

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Hinta yksitellen 2,50 €/kpl alv 0%, isommat määrät 1,60 €/kpl alv 0%

  • Sizes: mm. 110, 115, 120, 125,130 cm
  • Material: polyurethane coated fabric
  • Non-sweating, water-proof, feels nice, does not swish
  • Wash at 95 C, can be wiped clean, durable
  • Fire-resistant SL1, mildew-proof, antifungal

Size                     Price
110 cm               € 13.79/piece
120 cm               € 14.34/piece
130 cm               € 14.89/piece

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