Suomen Laitostekstiilit Ky are specialized in healthcare textiles made in Finland, we sell foam mattresses in all shapes and sizes for a reasonable price. We deliver mattresses from our Rovaniemi facility across Finland, our clients include health care facilities, care homes, retirement homes and hospitals. We also supply day care facilities and private households.

We have different types of foam mattress available. Some have water-proof covers, some come with an integrated patient transfer solution. Some mattresses come with zips, some are without. Foam mattresses are available in two widths: 80 cm and 90 cm.

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Viscoelastic or memory foam mattresses mould to the body within minutes

Our product range also includes viscoelastic mattresses that react to body heat and mould to the body shape within minutes. Memory foam mattress contributes to more peaceful sleep as body weight can distribute more evenly and on a wider area. This reduces the feeling of touch and the need to constantly change sleeping position. Our memory foam mattresses provide a firm, relaxing and comfortable base for sleeping.

Viscoelastic mattresses are particularly good for people with back problems. The material is non-sweating and the water-proof cover helps to keep the mattress hygienic. With good and easy care the service life of this mattress can be extended considerably.

The weight of the user and the size of the bed must be considered when choosing a mattress. Our staff can help you choose the right product for your needs.

Order a foam mattress from our quality range

We want our foam mattresses and other products withstand daily use and last longer. Practicality,  comfort, durability but also a wish to simplify the work of our clients are kept in mind when developing our product range. For this reason, we have chosen fabrics that are made in Finland.

It’s difficult to choose specific products without expert assistance, therefore we also invest in excellent service. Our competent specialists are always available to help you choose what you need. We are experts in manufacturing and selling textiles, therefore doing business with us you can be sure to get the best solutions that exceed your expectations. It is important for us to give you the best solution for your needs.

Individual and batch orders welcome. We deliver mattresses from our Rovaniemi facility across Finland – wherever our clients are. Get in touch and ask for a quote.

Foam mattress (40 kg/m3, 9 cm + 3 cm viscoelastic layer)

  • 80x200x12 cm, from € 83.83/per piece, VAT 0 %
  • 90x200x12 cm, from € 93.06/per piece, VAT 0 %


  • 150x200 cm
  • fabric 100 % polyester, white
  • filling 100 % polyesterfibre, 750g
  • quilted, edges worked
  • wash at 60 °C, durable
  • fire-proof SL1

Price: 42,90 €/piece VAT 0%


  • 50x60cm
  • fabric 100% polyester, white
  • filling 100 % polyesterballfibre, 550g
  • seams on the inside
  • wash at 60 °C, durable
  • fire-proof SL1

Price: 16,90 €/piece VAT 0%

Mattress protector

  • cover Trevira CS, jacquard knitted light grey
  • filling 100 % polyesterfibre, 500g/m²
  • diagonally quilted, edges worked
  • wash at 60 °C
  • fire-proof SL1

Price 47,55 €/piece VAT 0 %

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