Mattress protector / patient transfer sheet

Patients can be quickly evacuated on transfer sheets. Evacuation can be accomplished by just one person as the sheet is slippery and slides well on dry and damp surfaces. Strong straps and grips for carriers.

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Unit price  € 2.50 /per piece, VAT 0%, larger quantities  € 1.60 /per piece, VAT 0% 

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Hinta yksitellen 2,50 €/kpl alv 0%, isommat määrät 1,60 €/kpl alv 0%

Type PSEL1

Comes with two draw slings and Velcro tapes (protected) to fix the patient.

Multiple sizes available, example: 

Size without mattress 80x200x12 cm, price  € 47.30 /per piece, VAT 0 % 
mattress (9 cm foam filling + 3 cm viscoelastic layer) + PSEL1, price  € 155.33 /per piece, VAT 0 %. 

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