Hygienic mattress protectors

Suomen Laitostekstiilit Ky supplies durable and hygienic mattress protectors to households and care facilities. Antibacterial mattress covers help to keep beds clean, fresh and hygienic. Our mattress protectors are also very popular with nurseries and households with little children.

We deliver mattress protectors from our Rovaniemi facility across Finland. All orders are delivered safely and reliably at the agreed time. We make sure you get exactly what you have ordered.

  • Non-sweating, waterproof, feels nice and doesn’t swish
  • Washable at 95C, can be wiped, durable
  • Fire resistant SL1, mildew-proof, antifungal
  • Material: polyurethane impregnated fabric

All prices are indicative. Tell us the size you need and we will give you a quote! Embroidering name of person/department upon request.

When bought individually € 2.50 / per piece, VAT 0%, larger batches  € 1.60 / per piece VAT 0%

Nyt voimme myös brodeerata nimen/osaston tuotteeseen.
Hinta yksitellen 2,50 €/kpl alv 0%, isommat määrät 1,60 €/kpl alv 0%

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Practical mattress protectors that feels nice

Made to measure mattress protectors are available in various types, shapes and sizes. Choose between zip or elastic band, opt for embroidered name of your facility. The protector can be used as replaceable mattress case.

Our mattress protectors are made of comfortable non-sweating, waterproof material with a nice feel. The protected mattress will be fire resistant and easily cleanable, something that healthcare facilities definitely appreciate and seek for.

Hygienic mattress protectors from Suomen Laitostekstiilit Ky

As specialists in healthcare textiles, we are aware of the importance of quality that shows in usability and comfort. This also applies to our hygienic mattress protectors we deliver across Finland. Individual and batch orders.

We also invest in service quality. As healthcare textile specialists we are always happy to explain what’s available and thereby help our clients pick the best solutions for their needs. Get in touch and ask for a quote for mattress protectors today!

Malli PS1k, kuminauhakujallinen

Type PS1k, fully elasticated
  • The protector also covers mattress sides and goes beneath mattress, fully elasticated, therefore provides excellent protection
  • Indicative price for 80x200x12 cm € 23.56 /per piece, VAT 0 %
  • 90x200x12 cm € 24,47/per piece VAT 0 %

Type PS4k, zipped

  • Indicative price for  80x200x12 cm € 31.64/per piece, VAT 0 %
  • 90x200x12 cm € 32,59/per piece, VAT 0 %

Type PS5k, covered zip

  • Indicative price for 80x200x12 cm € 34.27/Per piece, VAT 0 %
  • 90x200x12 cm € 35,22/Per piece, VAT 0 %

Type PS6k, elastic straps in corners

  • Protects upper part of mattress
  • Indicative price for 80x200x12 cm € 14.20 /per piece, VAT 0 %
  • 90x200x12 cm € 14,68/per piece VAT 0 %

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