Evacuation sheets

Evacuation sheets from Suomen Laitostekstiilit Ky are outstanding examples of Finnish workmanship. The sheets are designed for quick emergency evacuation, the sturdy draw slings and hand straps ensure evacuation can be accomplished just by one person.

Our main clients are various care facilities, hospitals and retirement homes who need sturdy evacuation sheets. We deliver from our Rovaniemi facility across Finland.

Embroidering name of person/department upon request. 
When bought individually € 2,50 /per piece, VAT 0 %, larger quantities € 1,60 /per piece, VAT 0 % 

Nyt voimme myös brodeerata nimen/osaston tuotteeseen.
Hinta yksitellen 2,50 €/kpl alv 0%, isommat määrät 1,60 €/kpl alv 0%

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Easy-to-use evacuation sheets

Our evacuation sheets are very easy to use. They come with security straps to fix the patient and sturdy slings the sheet can be pulled from. Transferring patients is effortless as the base is made of slippery material. This way patients can be evacuated by sliding them on the floor, over thresholds and down the stairs. Strong cushioning protects the patient in emergency situations.

Evacuation sheets are placed between the mattress and the bed and stay there, ready to use in an emergency. The sheet can be securely fixed and therefore stays in place.

Top quality evacuation sheets are indispensable in emergency situations

Our evacuation sheets are made in Finland. They are fire-retardant, water-proof and the Lycra elastic straps used withstand wear and tear far better than regular rubber straps. The sheets are available in different sizes and upon request the name of the facility /department using the sheet can be embroidered on it.

Ask for a quote today! We deliver across Finland. Individual and batch orders welcome.

Type EL-2A

  • Indicative size: 80x200x12 cm, € 21.70
  • Indicative size: 90x200x12 cm, € 22.50
  • Goes under mattress
  • Fabric: slippery nylon with PU-coating
  • Wash at max. 80 C, do not tumble dry
  • LYCRAA rubber strap that withstands wear and tear better than regular rubber strap
  • Fire-retardant SL1
  • Comfortable and quick to use, easy to drag
  • Small rubber bands keep Velcro straps safely in place
  • How to use the evacuation sheet:  Watch video»
  • "We dragged 190 kg and the sheet performed superbly" Watch video»

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