Draw sheets

Suomen Laitostekstiilit Ky manufactures high quality draw sheets. Draw sheets help patients to move in bed and assist carers in moving patients, keeping in mind the working position of carers. For instance, when the patient is too weak to change position, the sheet helps turning the patient to the side. Draw sheets help the staff handle patients with less effort.

We deliver draw sheets from our Rovaniemi facility across Finland, our clients include health care facilities, care homes, retirement homes and hospitals.

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Quality draw sheets

Our draw sheets are made of satin and regular textile. These are washable, non-sweating, durable and light materials. The slippery characteristics of the product withstand washing. The sheets are easy to fix and don’t slide in bed. The sheets make a long-term investment that will serve you for many years.

Draw sheets are wide enough to cover up required area and are easy to wrap around any mattress. Available in two widths: 80 cm and 90 cm.

Order individually or in larger quantities

Suomen Laitostekstiilit Ky manufactures various textile items for care facilities like retirement homes and hospitals. We invest in quality and usability, keeping in mind both the cared and the carers. For this reason we have chosen fabrics  that are made in Finland.

Get in touch to ask more about draw sheets. Our experts will tell you about the products and help you place the order. Individual and batch orders welcome.

  • Satin middle, wings of regular textile.
  • Nice feel, slippery
  • Height from feet to head 70 cm:
    80 cm mattress € 15.22
    90 cm mattress € 15.96
  • Height from feet to head 100 cm:
    80 cm mattress € 17.50
    90 cm mattress € 18.20

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  • Malli LL1 
  • Sängyn leveys 160 cm, satiini vain toisella puolella 

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