Bed wedges

Among the products of Suomen Laitostekstiilit Ky also belong bed wedges. Bed wedges are a good way of adjusting sleeping height that can be helpful with caring for patients with reflux and other conditions that require a raised sleeping position. Bed wedges can also be used as sitting aids as they help the back deal with pressure from reclining back. The wedge can be used to first fix the pelvis and then straighten the back itself. Bed wedge is an excellent way to relieve pressure points and prevent bed sores.

We make and sell bed wedges in all sizes to integrated housing and care centres, hospitals, health centres and other facilities. We deliver from our Rovaniemi facility across Finland. We also serve private households. Embroidering name of the user/house on the product upon request. 

Minimum order: even number/same size

Embroidering name of person/department upon request. 
When bought individually € 2.50 /per piece, VAT 0 %, larger quantities € 1.60 /per piece, VAT 0 % 

Nyt voimme myös brodeerata nimen/osaston tuotteeseen.
Hinta yksitellen 2,50 €/kpl alv 0%, isommat määrät 1,60 €/kpl alv 0%

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Bed wedges are easy to clean

Our bed wedges are made of waterproof material that can be wiped clean. The material is elastic and breathable, making the wedge nice to use. Zipped cover can be easily removed.

Bed wedges are made either of regular foam or viscoelastic foam that helps to distribute body weight more evenly and therefore feels nicer. Choose your preferred material and quantity and your order will be dispatched soon.

Bed wedges from healthcare textile specialist

Suomen Laitostekstiilit Ky relies on domestic quality. This way we can be sure in the long service life and durability of what we sell. Based on long-term experience in the industry, all products are made keeping in mind the comfort of the carers and the cared.

We deliver from our Rovaniemi facility across Finland, our clients include health care facilities, care homes and private individuals. Minimum order is even number of same size bed wedges. Get in touch to hear more!

  • Waterproof material that can be wiped clean
  • Zips on three sides
  • Indicative price for 35x25x15 cm: € 28.06, VAT 0 %

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