Bed protectors

Durable and practical bed protectors used on top of mattress available from Suomen Laitostekstiilit Ky. Our bed protectors are regularly ordered by home and care facilities, retirement homes, hospitals and health centres. Our bed protectors are also popular with early childhood centres and households with small children. Embroidering person/department name available.

We deliver affordable bed protectors across Finland! Individual and batch orders welcome. All orders are delivered safely and reliably at the agreed time.

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Strong and environmentally-friendly bed protectors

We sell 4 and 5-ply absorbent bed protectors that are breathable and feel nice to lie on. The upper layer is made of comfortable fabric, middle layers are absorbent and the bottom layer is waterproof. Some bed protectors come with wings that are used to fix the protector safely to the mattress to prevent it from moving under the patient. Big sizes also available. We also supply bed protectors with handles to assist turning and transferring of patients.

Our bed protectors are washable and withstand high temperatures, retaining top performance wash after wash. They are durable and last for a long time. Did you know that washable bed protectors can reduce the amount of laundry and therefore cut bed costs? Giving up disposable bed protectors is also a wise choice from the environmental aspect.

Bed protectors made in Finland

Suomen Laitostekstiilit manufactures and sells bed protectors and other healthcare textiles that are hand made in Finland. This means our products are designed and made following the best traditions of Finnish workmanship. It is important for us to provide top products and services. We have a wide range of supplies for every need.

Based on experience, know-how and skills, we can recommend textiles that fit best for different and often very specific needs. Individual and batch orders welcome. We operate in Rovaniemi and deliver to care facilities across Finland. We also serve households.

In addition to bed protectors, our product range includes memory foam mattresses, hygienic mattresses, draw sheets, evacuation sheets and many other products required by our clients in their daily job and life. Take a look at our products when it best suits you and place an order! We’re more than happy to assist you in making the best choice.

  • We make protectors in any size
  • Fit for sofas
  • Indicative size: 65 x 170 cm

Price € 18.80/per piece, VAT 0 %

  • Generous size: 90x115 cm
  • Upper layer: nice-feeling fabric, middle layers: absorbent, bottom layer: waterproof
  • Wash at max. 95C, no fabric softener

Affordable bed protectors starting from € 15.40/per piece, VAT 0 %

  • The wings go under the mattress and help to keep the protector in place
  • Generous size: 90x115 cm
  • Upper layer: nice-feeling fabric, middle layers: absorbent, bottom layer: waterproof
  • Wash at max. 95C, no fabric softener
  • Not tested for lifting
  • Dimensions: absorbent layer 90 cm + wings (á 46cm) together 92 cm = 182 cm

Affordable bed protectors starting from € 16.40/per piece, VAT 0 %

  • Size 90x115 cm
  • Reinforced
  • Handles and sliding underside help to turn and transfer patient
  • Not tested for lifting
  • Absorbent, water-proof, feels nice
  • Wash at max. 95C, no fabric softener
  • Bed protector lift test 360 kg, watch video»
  • 25 minutes later, watch video »

€ 26.90/per piece, VAT 0 %

Indicative prices:

  • 80x200 cm, price € 27.22/per piece, VAT 0%
  • 90x200 cm, price € 30.62/per piece, VAT 0%

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